Rogaine Review – Does rogaine work ? Hair Loss

Rogaine Review - Does rogaine work ?  Hair Loss


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  2. TheYaom says:

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  6. Faisal Islam says:

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  7. it doesnt work for everybody. Its working well for me im getting new hairs every week. They give it to people who have had chemo therapy as well, to help when they loose their hair. The standard strength stuff didnt? work for me, this extra strength one does. Womens hair loss is also a bit different to mens and can be due to a number of other reasons.

  8. Aanchal Gupta says:

    Rogaine does not regrow hair. it only helps in slowing the hair shedding. I have been using it for 6 months. i noticed that it only makes the existing hair a bit stronger. i mean come on, face it, if hair would regrow, all ugly bald men would grow hair back. its? just advertising the product.

  9. Oscar Umanzor says:

    oh ok thanks for the tip, i’m 20 and pretty much my whole life i’ve had a hairline not too straight and now i’m starting to notice it’s starting to thin i get it from my father cause he lost his hair and he uses that same bottle for a while but he got it late but it’s helped him and i’m starting to use it now before it gets worst i don’t want to loose? my hair anytime soon right now not during my 20’s especially since i’m in the music business as well i need a good image for the public, thank you

  10. i dont think it matters i just think if your hair? is shorter it will get onto your scalp better.

  11. Oscar Umanzor says:

    ok, so if i wanna grow out my hair will this make it look good while i use it or do you have to be getting? a haircut recently? does it matter?

  12. yes it grows new hairs around the areas your bald. It starts slowly but they? do grow and will fill in over time.

  13. Oscar Umanzor says:

    and also does it help from your hairline to? stop receding?

  14. Oscar Umanzor says:

    is it good to use it if you wanna grow out your hair? like? would it make my hair look good even if i grow it out?

  15. Oscar Umanzor says:

    so does rogaine work when you wanna? let your hair grow long in a way?

  16. im getting excellent results, i’ll have to get my wife to film it its difficult to do it myself. This video is when i just shaved my head the same? day, you cant see the results in this video. Rogaine does the same thing as what your talking about i’ve tried the shampoos before and didnt do anything at all, as well as the minoxidil.

  17. Bixby1979 says:

    Try it with a shampoo with the compound (ketoconazole 1% or 2%) It has been clinically proven? to inhibit D.H.T which is a major factor in hair loss and has been shown to regrow hair. The people’s choice sees to be regenepure ,revita,lipogaine big 3. U should have better results!

  18. Hi, just posted a video for you. I filmed it myself was a bit difficult and its not really? in high resolution, but ive paused it in bits. Video doesnt really do it justice because i cant quite get the angle right filming it myself and my cameras not good enough, but you can see.

  19. i’ll try to get one done over the weekend. I’ve got about a square inch of new hair on what was? a completely bald spot. Its not all filled in, but its well on its way. The rest of my hair thickened up too, hair feels the same as it did when i was in my early 20’s

  20. ajacko59able says:

    Hi there pls can u do a video update on? the rogaine πŸ™‚

  21. Im pretty sure itchy and sometimes a bit of burning feeling is normal with this stuff. I havnt had that with this rogaine, but i had it with a nioxin one i used a few years earlier. Unless its really painful i wouldnt worry about? it, keep using it.

  22. albstralian says:

    Was your scalp kind of itchy when? you started using it? I’ve only been using it for a week and my scalp has been kind of itchy for the past few days in the areas I’ve been applying it. Hmm

  23. no worries buddy. Didnt start for me really till i was about 25. Usually comes from your mothers side. I’d wished i’d started earlier I’d say by the 3 month supply and follow the directions. its grown one patch of mine 3/4 back, and? the other side (front) only a little. But my whole head of hair is thicker all the way through, so it will generally thicken your hair up too. I’ve tried the drops minoxidil and that didnt do a thing, this extra strenth one is the go for me.

  24. albstralian says:

    Cheers for the video, you’ve given me hope. I’m 21 now and have noticed my hair thinning? since 19!! (messed up right?). I tried heaps of different shampoos and tablets but nothing seemed to work for me.Started using this last week and if I can see results within months as you have I’d be really happy πŸ™‚ good luck with your journey as well!

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