Going Bald? – How to deal with Hairloss

Going Bald? - How to deal with Hairloss


  1. Dante Giorgio says:

    Life sucks when your balding at 18 man…thanks for this inspirational video. It’s people like you who help? me fight my depression and low self esteems

  2. Fred Suero says:

    smart man?

  3. AteoVegano says:

    1) Don’t mind gong bald, it is a characteristic such as skin tone or voice. 2) Girls dig bald men, otherwise there wouldn’t be any of us around. 3) Reject all the media shaming that tells you bald is bad just to make you insecure and? sell you stuff.

  4. Rikman56 says:

    You? look really good for someone who is in their late 30’s. Healthy that is!

  5. Jonte790 says:


  6. TheImmortalRose says:

    Your voice and accent…. <3 You are a lovely person to watch and listen to :)?

  7. JDogRiddler says:

    Not very conceivable when hair loss effects mostly men regardless of diet or lifestyle.

    Time and research will tell, though? I have a feeling it will be a lot less than what you think it will be.

    Kind of like the vegan diet. If done more as a life style, it can be good, just not to the extent that it can cure anything, at least not in what the research has shown. It can help prevent and reverse, but so can any other healthy lifestyle.

  8. Jon Fergus says:

    Thanks man. Great video. Dealing with hairloss now myself. On 80/10/10 HCRV I can say that the hair I still have is thicker and healthier than it’s ever been. But… the hair I’ve already lost doesn’t seem to be returning. Ah well… time to find out how sexy? my scalp is πŸ˜‰

  9. Jon Fergus says:

    Look into epigenetics. Genetic coding is one thing, but there are triggers that effect which genes are activated and which aren’t. It’s quite possible that within the next 10-20 years, research into epigenetics will discover the specific triggers for hair loss, and its quite conceivable that these may be found to be? related to diet and lifestyle. Time and research will tell.

  10. JDogRiddler says:

    Would not doctors and scientists be the best people for the job? in finding out if diet can play a role in hairloss? I do not doubt somewhere on the internet someone calling themselves and expert or doctor says a vegan diet can reverse hairloss, but I can see no way how this could have an effect unless you had a poor diet bordering on starvation.

    There are problems with how medications are produced, but that doesn’t mean every alternative method works.

  11. JDogRiddler says:

    Sorry, thought this was the comments section of a video, you know, the place you are free to disagree with the video and anyone you are talking to.? Not sure why you suddenly moved onto this method of debate, I doubt anyone here really has a strong background in genetics.

    The claim seemed to be that a vegan diet can help hair loss. Unless you are on a very bad diet where you get little protein or little nutrients, diet has no effect on hairloss.

  12. reforest4fertility says:

    U r but a dog, in this case so am I. But who are you to dictate, write off nurturing possibilities of overcoming the imbalance caused by the genetic inheritance dealt to us (like cards)?! This doesn’t even become an issue until puberty sets? in, giving parents time to feed, nourish & raise the child in ways that ballasts (counters) our genetic predisposition. I bet dollars to donuts u haven’t a clue what’s possible here, and you’re just parroting what doctors say, whose med schoolin is pharmified

  13. JDogRiddler says:

    The cause of? baldness is the shrinking of hair follicles until hair no longer grows, although the follicle remains alive. This is due to a common genetic trait and testosterone. Seeing as these are the causes, a vegan diet, or any diet for that matter, shows little promise in prevention, stopping, or reversing of hair loss.

    Working with genes is another matter and could help stop baldness in men, for those who care at least.

  14. mikertones says:

    man u? need to stfu

  15. reforest4fertility says:

    “Genetic”, in this case of usage, isn’t dictation, but pre-disposition. Like a pre-set groove, rut, abyss, that’s easy to fall into, but possible to avoid in the ways this fruit-bat rich in understanding suggests here. Just as we can see genetic degeneration passing on down thru generations, there can also be genetic regeneration, thru rehabilitation/self-cultivation.For? instance, look up the field of neuroplasticity (adult stems cells) as well as epigenetics. The same goes for plants too

  16. For real? Richie? I thought you are in mid 20’s for your age!! I am so suprised today when I hear you are at 36. lololol. Thank you for this great video.? I find your video are always very helpful and funny to watch. Put some great reminder for myself who happens to sleep late whenever I gave myself some excuses (games, too tired the whole day so I want to relax by sleep late! BAD!!!).

  17. Itscool Really says:

    All good points Richie, I do the same thing. I make sure I dress smart when going out in public, help? out and always be considerate of others. It works wonders.

  18. RichieFruitbat says:

    Well, like I say in the vid, a high carb, fruit based vegan diet, and regular exercise works well for me, and I have heard of guys reversing early balding with this. I’ve also heard of guys not reversing hairloss with this, so there’s no guarantee it will do anything for your hair. A clean? diet leads to feeling good physically and mentally,and hair or not, that’s always welcome!

  19. JDogRiddler says:

    Hairloss? is genetic.

  20. Saperwill says:

    what you mean with a healthy lifestyle Im 19? have the same problem

  21. natureasintended says:

    Another awesome video! On your mention of receiving more attention from women since being bald,? yes, females are giving you attention on this video when the video title doesn’t even apply! Haha. And you received positive attention before even wearing your smart jacket! LOL. Hey seriously, you have the most beautiful girlfriend!

  22. erikthewarm says:

    A pleasing commentary. I’ll take it to heart. Thanks,? RichieFruitbat.

  23. PercivalBlakeney says:

    Hi? Jabberwock,
    Sirsasana for 5 minutes a day seems to help with pretty much anything. In “Light on Yoga”, B K S Iyengar seems to recommend it for *everything* from depression to varicose veins. That said, it’s hard to find fault with him.

    Callooh callay,

  24. PercivalBlakeney says:

    HI Richie,
    what you’ve just said is essentially what Harley Johnstone’s just posted AND what? Neil Strauss (yes him again… also “follicularly challenged”) says in “The Rules of the Game”.

    “The guy who succeeds at the game is the one who goes out and makes other people feel good about themselves. This… type of guy is easy to be with. He radiates charisma and positive energy”.

    Like you say, “so much confidence you can afford to give it away”.

  25. vegan witch says:

    i absolutely adore men, especially if? theyre bald – bald men as SEXY !

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