Can Medications Cause Hair Loss? Yes, but it’s not likely to be permanent. (Thyroid Med. Discussed)

Can Medications Cause Hair Loss? Yes, but it's not likely to be permanent. (Thyroid Med. Discussed)


  1. PeekABooStyleBoxing says:

    Hi my friend… ive been taking Amitriptyline (Elavil, Endep) for over a year.. and i noticed i was sheading hair,, it was thinning out…. and? im now thinking its because the Amitriptyline… what is worrying me is the lengh of time i have taken it and the damage caused ? also do sleeping pill,s cause hair loss ?

  2. Niko Franz says:

    I have ordered prescription drugs (without a prescription) online from ALLBESTPILLS.INFO about two years ago, and was pleased with the speed and quality of service.
    I’m thinking of doing the same thing with my medication. The meds is expensive, but? there is a generic version available overseas.
    I love the idea of taking responsibility for my own health and skipping the bureaucracy… to say nothing of having to drive to the doctor, wait in line, yet again, to get a prescription refilled.

  3. What are your thoughts on using Creatine Mono and its affect on? DHT/ hair loss?

  4. I started losing hair last month after 4 months on bupropion (Wellbutrin). I stopped right away and still losing hair everyday after a? month off the meds. My hairline has receded and had general thinning. I guess this is from the dopamine…pretty f’d up as I have been really worried about it. Hope it stops falling out and grows back…..Any advice or suggestions?

  5. athaatha1 says:

    Or anyone here in that? chat of course! thanks

  6. athaatha1 says:

    Thanks a lot for the information.
    I tend to lose lots of hair whenever i increase the dose of my antidepressant medication. Thats why i will lower it again, cause it looks really teririble.
    Chris, id like to know,if theres a rule about lost hair NOT comming back ? I mean if i`d lose hair for half a year or maybe longer would it? still regrow or could the hairroots really “die” for good ? (i have a disposition for hairloss)
    It would be really nice, if you could drop me a line about that subject !!

  7. Damienn Snows says:

    thanks for the video. i recently lost a huge amount of hair from adderall xr. i literally thought that i was going bald. i started using minoxidil and dutasteride to regrow hair thinking that it may have something to do with MPB. this video calmed me down, even though i ‘ve gone to the doctor and read similar stories online. had something similar happen to me a? year ago after using Ephedrine and caffeine pills for several months for concentration. Again, i though that i was going bald.

  8. bognessy says:

    By the way thank you so? much Chris for your advices, It helped me figuring it out. Hey have you ever heard about this Zix guy? What are your toughts on it? I’m thinking about buying his hair muck stuff but I’m just not quite sure if I can trust his site? here: advinfoprod(dit)com/hair_formulas_8.htm

  9. bognessy says:

    My situation looks like yours. I recommend you rogaine foam at day or lipogaine(these products dries quicker and looks O.K. after applying) ? + Kirkland’s liquid minoxidil in the evening (Its cheap and greasy but I dont care since Imback home). So whenever you go out just use the better ones but if you know youll stay at home use kirkland. Oh and for the shampoo: regenepure every day and nizoral 2 times a week. Ive been doing this routine for 3 months now and I am seeing results. GL man

  10. Jonathan Reeve says:

    Hello Sir! I truly enjoy watching your videos… Information is always solid and your presentation is top notch! I hope you can do? a video about Retin-A. This product has been on the market for ages and is one of the most discussed products on various hair loss sites. It is often compared with azelaic acid and debates are endless on which of these two products is more useful when applied in conjunction minoxidil. Keep up the good work Sir!

  11. MrTuberler says:

    Friend, Just asking whether you tried or heard of “laser caps” thats used? to grow hair

  12. And i must add that your hair looks great and i would never be able to tell that you were experiencing hairloss.? Your videos and suggestions have given me more hope and confidence in combating my hair loss than any doctor or dermatologist has in an entire year so I’m incredibly grateful for these videos and you site. Thanks again and get back to me as soon as possible if you have the time.

  13. After taking the pro hormones i became much more? anxious and depressed I’m not sure if the anxiety has been speeding up my my hairless but i feel like i also may have horrible testosterone levels. Im not sure if your familiar with pro hormones but if i had known what it would do to me i would have just used steroid injections because i have so many problems since then. I wanna know if you have any opinions in helping my hairloss and depression/anxiety as well.

  14. I’ve been watching your videos for quite some time now and I’ve been experiencing hairless for a little over a year now and its gotten pretty bad in my opinion. I have a prescription to propecia and I’m ordering the regenpure shampoo and lipogaine and micro needle. I’m afraid to take propecia because i took two consecutive cycles of pro hormones when i was 17 I’m only 19 now and i? still experience side effects from what i took. I just want an opinion on what you think i should do.

  15. Almamimoreira says:

    I wrote you emails 2 times? and you never responded.Please respond here,did you have hair transplant,where and which procedure? How much did it cost and? which is the best possible in USA or worldwide?

  16. HairLossFromSteroids says:

    another thing to keep in mind is, daily MJ use and propecia (finasteride) is not a good combination. Combining the two on a regular basis is no bueno. DHT helps combat estrogen and keeps your E2(estrogen) levels stable. Propecia lowers DHT. Weed increases estrogen. Elevated estrogen and low DHT is a recipe for gynocomastia (bitch tits)? in those prone to estrogenic side effects. My friend has smoked daily for years and taken Propecia, he has bad gyno. He thinks it’s fat, but its not. Be careful!

  17. HairLossFromSteroids says:

    Good question. The answer is yes, but it wouldnt be permanent, it would follow the ‘shedding’ type of hair loss. It would be from increased estrogen levels (weed increases your estrogen levels temporally, suggesting that ‘chronic’ use would keep them unusual high or in constant fluctuation). The un-balanced hormonal state could cause shedding, especially in those prone to male pattern baldness. Still,? it’s not too likely to happen.

  18. I wonder if weed could affect hair-loss as it does work on dopamine and has some sort of? action on the opioid receptors. (in b4 strong username to post correlation, lol)

  19. Patricia Alvarez Alvarez says:

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  20. Almamimoreira says:

    I wrote you emails 2 times and you never responded.Please? respond here,did you have hair transplant,where and which procedure? How much did it cost and which is the best possible in USA or worldwide?

  21. adams2887 says:

    I have actually seen some people use? rogaine foam on their face with results. Google it. I personally wouldn’t put it on my face though lol

  22. HairLossFromSteroids says:

    Unfortunately I don’t actually… i had something like that when I was younger but it filled in, so if you are young– that def. could? happen

  23. BIGAIRLIKE23 says:

    Accutane? caused me hair loss.

  24. TwinkanPD says:

    Hey Chris, do you have any knowledge on growing facial hair?? I’m having some trouble growing mine, some spots on my face just don’t seem to grow hair at all. Think you can help me out if ya know anything about it? Appreciate it

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