Ketoconazole For Hair Loss: The ONLY Clinically Proven Shampoo Ingredient to Inhibit DHT

Ketoconazole For Hair Loss: The ONLY Clinically Proven Shampoo Ingredient to Inhibit DHT


  1. and your? hair looks great btw

  2. bro i just ordered nizoral and rogaine. and i hope it will prevent my hair loss, and i just had another question about rogaine. should? i aply it to my whole scalp or just the crown

  3. shadowkill546 says:

    Thanks. I actually bought nizorol as its the only product that my local store carries. I haven’t experienced any of the side effects that I was afraid of (inflammation, dry skin, bloated face, etc.) It’s been two weeks, I think there has been a bit of shedding. I am taking my omega 3’s and multivitamines as? well. I guess I am a bit worried there will be thinning without growth. Thoughts? Thanks again.

  4. HairLossFromSteroids says:

    I believe it was every day other… left on the? scalp for 5+ minutes

  5. HairLossFromSteroids says:

    thanks? brotha! I appreciate

  6. HairLossFromSteroids says:

    not really sure about? that, but I definitely think ketoconazole is helpful. as effective as 2% minoxidil as the clinical study says

  7. HairLossFromSteroids says:

    interesting.. hasn’t seemed? to affect my results however

  8. HairLossFromSteroids says:

    give it toward the? end of the 3rd month… but usually before

  9. HairLossFromSteroids says:

    nope, only localized effects on lower? scalp DHT.. which is want we want!

  10. HairLossFromSteroids says:

    yup you? are correct, turns out it helps inhhibit DHT synthesis too

  11. isisbenny404 says:

    The last? time I remembered, that shampoo was for anti-fungal purposes. Never heard of that study, but I will tell my balding clients to use that along with minoxidil.

  12. shadowkill546 says:

    Hey what do you think of this video/site that? argues against Nizoral and thus similar products?


  13. For those of us who arent on steroids…Does ketoconazole shampoo have any side effects on testosterone? I have? been recommended neutrogena T-Gel ….does this work?

  14. TrickzAsker says:

    what do u think of revivogen? ?? does it work or is it just a scam? thanks for answering in advance!

  15. VanligSvensson says:

    One problem with regenpure? is that it contains Dimethicone. Which creates a film over your scalp making it harder for minox to penetrate. Care to comment on this?

  16. hummerh40 says:

    Great video man, keep them coming! Btw how long do you think it took for you to get results from minoxidil? I’ve been stacking nizoral and minoxidil for the past month and haven’t noticed anything except my head has? stopped itching

  17. WOW! U really kno ur stuff my friend I started losing my hair(receding/thinning hair in corner temples) after I cut my braids I have no genetic history of ne1 with a bad scalp I regret even having braids but thx to ur info,vids, experiences I can now start my way back to regrowing my hair. Im on the minoxidil n azel acid. Ur hair looks great I’m sure it didn’t happen ova nite but with patience, trial and error and a routine it all came back ne ways keep the vids coming u sure r a? help to me

  18. HairLossFromSteroids says:

    I sure do use it daily, or at least every other day. The Belgian study used it the same way you’d any shampoo… put it on wet hair, let it sit for 5-10 minutes, wash out, repeat if you like… def not leaving it on,? since in pre-Regenepure formulas- it will dry most people’s scalp out real bad

  19. JamieVegas says:

    Do you really use ketoconazole daily? Did the? studies require daily use? Were the studies using it IN a shampoo… or were they leaving on patient’s scalps the way that one would do so with minoxidil?

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