Hair Loss Shampoo | Hair Growth Shampoo – Nisim New Hair BioFactors

Hair Loss Shampoo | Hair Growth Shampoo - Nisim New Hair BioFactors


  1. NisimInternational says:

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  3. concerned11 says:


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  4. IamTheFuture99 says:

    causes And Factors of hair loss
    1.drinking too much coffee Or TEA
    2. smoking cigarettes
    3. drinking? a lot of alcohol
    4.Stress Tension Depression
    5.Other Harmful Chemicals Shampoo Hair GeL
    7.hereidatery Problems
    8.hereditary hair loss Or Genes
    9.Soft Drinks Too
    Get Hair Naturally
    1.Drink Lots Of Water
    2.Dont Take Stress chances of regrowing bak
    3.Take Vitamin E
    tHUMBS uP sO oTHERS cAN See
    Insted Of Spending Thousands On Doctors Herbals And Laser Treatments

  5. MrAsktommy says:

    I tried all sorts of drug store and herbal approaches – wasted time and money then was recommended this site, so got? one and no longer wear a hat πŸ™‚
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  6. CorruptNwa says:

    lol word! im trying to find out myself. my bro used it? and he said he noticed a difference a week after using it. he said hes been taking biotin vitamins some other extract stuff and the nisim shampoo

  7. NisimInternational says:

    Please stop using the FAST product those are for growing your hair faster they are not hair loss products. Regarding the hair loss, You should do this ONE? time only, wash and rinse your hair and repeat (until no hair falls out) up to 5 times in one shower. That should get the hair loss under control. Then use the extract 2 times each day as directed. If you have more problems call 800 656 4746 or email

  8. GhostHawk76 says:

    please reply on me, recently i bought all your production ( Newhair Biofactors+ Hair and Scalp Extract Gel Formula 8 oz + F.A.S.T. Hair Support? 90 tablets FAST supports the cure from the inside + F.A.S.T. shampoo supplement & F.A.S.T. conditioner ) and i began using the product about three weeks ago, now i’m losing my hair heavily !! what i have to do continue with it or just stop use it ? please reply on my comment .
    thank you.

  9. renmegan1 says:

    Awesome this actually works! I am trying this product called: Hair 790 Formula and within one month I’m seeing results! You can just google the website I can’t? remember the web address.

  10. NisimInternational says:

    sounds like you are doing well. Continue with the normal to oily. Be sure you wash rinse and then wash and rinse again. Rinse your hair very well.? The hair loss will be less than when you started but you will still lose some hair that is normal

  11. Happacici says:

    its my third day now im shedding very little compared to before but head is still itchy im using the normal to? oily since i heard this is more agaisnt dandruff and seboharric problems how long does the shampoo take to stop the hair loss in the temples because thats where my problems are the receiding hairline.

  12. NisimInternational says:

    that picture is just a stock picture it is not one of our? users.

  13. NisimInternational says:

    Nisim is different then any product on the market. I am glad you are using it as you will see the results controling? your hair loss right away. Nisim continues to remove the DHT getting the hair loss under control then growing hair within 6 months.

  14. Happacici says:

    i have some quetions about this product, firstly androgenic related hair loss,doesnt it come from inside the body?dht comes from inside? the body and its effecting the hair follicles,how can nisim eliminate dht in the hair when it comes from the body?because thats not taking away the real problem,And why do u claim it works in a week even the best medicine agaisnt hair loss takes more than that, what makes it work in only one week?im using this product right now its my second day .

  15. We want a video for a person whose horsing around pulling his hair, since we don’t trust Adobe PS.
    Not? images.

  16. NisimInternational says:

    check out the facebook page? hundreds of testimonials facebook dot slash fastshampoo

  17. jpcancela says:

    Is this shampoo any good ppl?? I dont? trust in adds..

  18. NisimInternational says:

    I am not aware of any product that does that? except for hair thickeners that are temporary and they are not good for your hair.

  19. EternalSparda says:

    so how do I? make my hair even thicker and fuller than is naturally possible?

  20. NisimInternational says:

    Thank you for your post I will check out your video?

  21. NisimInternational says:

    I would suggest the Nisim NewHair Biofactors shampoo it removes the DHT and controls hair loss in one week.?

  22. NisimInternational says:

    FAST will grow your hiar faster but will only thickin your hair? to its natural thickness

  23. Yordi van Dijk says:

    Wonderfull product! I use it? for like 2 years now with succes. Check my video for more info:


  24. AskVivi11 says:

    I usually use Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan OIl Shampoo on my hair because I used to suffer from hair loss, but the argan oil helps stimulate growth and strengthens existing hair so now? my hair is thicker and stronger πŸ™‚

  25. EternalSparda says:

    Alright thanks.? I appreciate the response.

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