DS Laboratories Revita Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo, 180 ml Bottle

Revita is the most efficient hair growth stimulating shampoo available in the market and is the final result of DS Laboratories efforts on cutting edge research. Revita is a powerful combination of precious materials specially designed to maintain scalp vitality and act on follicle dysfunctions in order to achieve best results in short periods of time. This formulation is developed completely without the use of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate, commonly used low cost detergents i

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  1. BlueBell resident says:
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    Revita shampoo quality deteriorating, July 31, 2010
    BlueBell resident (Blue Bell, PA United States) –

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    This review is from: DS Laboratories Revita Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo, 180 ml Bottle (Health and Beauty)

    I have been using this product for over one and half year with good results when I first started using it in the beginning of 2009.

    If I were to rate it in 2009 I would have given it 5 stars. However, based on recent purchases (past 6 months) the product consistency has varied a lot and the product has become more watery and does not stop hair loss any more… the hair have started shedding again. I will tell you that the prior product had stopped hair loss and some hair growth was also noticeable.

    I have been patiently waiting to see if the quality improves… but have not seen any improvement yet.

    Product container in 2009 had a rounded top and the packaging said “Made in USA”. If I remember correctly, it was manufactured in Miami Florida. Recently the company has switched to a flat top packaging and the packaging says “Assembled in USA from imported materials”. I am guessing this is the reason for poor quality.

    The prior consistency was thicker shampoo with reddish orange color which required a pea sized quantity that produced enough lather. The newer product is too watery and has a lighter orange color. You need two to three times the quantity to get the same amount of lather.

    Bottom line… the quality has deteriorated and product is not effective anymore.

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  2. Leiwei the Fat Panda says:
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    It grows weeds on your balding scalp, June 28, 2009
    Leiwei the Fat Panda (Fatty California Bamboo Forest) –

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    For now it gets a 4 because at least it’s showing some results. The product asks to wash with shampoo twice (1st wash for 1-2 minutes, 2nd for 3-5 minutes) and at least five times a week. At 180 ml, it’s about the same volume as the Neutrogena T-gel I also have. So for the price it’s at on Amazon, I think it’s a decent price for what it claims to do.

    The shampoo smells really good like a lighter version of Herbal Essence and not overwhelming like those Axe shampoos. It contains antioxidants to prevent inflammation of the scalp, so I was surprised I could use this as an alternative to the tire-smelling T-gel for treating my seborrheic dermatitis. A small amount lathers really well (just like T-gel) so even though it doesn’t look like much, the product lasts quite a bit.

    I did not see any results within the first week, but I am on my third week now and am beginning to see tiny sprouts of hair where my receding hairline was. Before using this shampoo, my hair used to fall out often when washing. It still falls out even now, but not as much as before. It used to be maybe 7-10 strands of hair falling out, but now it’s 2-4 and I also notice that the base of the strands have a thicker follicle.

    Judging by how much I have left, I say one shampoo lasts 2-3 months, considering I wash in the morning and night and use it about 5-6 days of the week. So far, my scalp isn’t red and it doesn’t itch (great alternative to T-gel), but I’ll have to give it an extra month to see how those sprouts do before giving this 5 stars.

    7/12/09 UPDATE: A little girl’s bday party yesterday helped make the final decision to say this product works. So before this product, I would wake up with thin flat hair. About a year or two ago, the older sister (about 11 during the time) of this little girl used to ask me why my hair looked thin and say “the top of your head looks empty.” I told her I was getting old and balding. Yesterday, this very same sister of the bday girl said “you look different, it’s like you have more hair.” Reacting to her comment I realize my hair had more volume and felt bushy. Looking at the mirror I also realized it was thicker than before. This product may not work for everyone, but it works for me. =)

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    Hairloss Solution No.1, November 18, 2011

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    This review is from: DS Laboratories Revita Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo, 180 ml Bottle (Health and Beauty)

    For starters, I noticed my hair was thinning at 20. . . Yeah, talk about horrifying. Since it’s impossible (in this day and age) to go bald and have a decent social life from 20-30, I went into a frenzy and did what I do best – research! Long story short, I have bought 3 bottles so far over the course of A YEAR and it has worked wonderfully. Albeit, I caught my hairloss right when it was becoming barely-noticable. So obviously the stage of your balding will have a huge effect on whether this works or not. For the record, I got my hair buzzed down with a 4 and I use this stuff every day. If you’re a guy, you should buzz your head down to a 2~5. Your thinning hair is less noticable if you buzz your head down, and it will also allow Revitra to reach your scalp easier. This is, of course, assuming you caught your thinning hair early in the game (not age wise, but stage wise).

    If you wanna read on, prepare yourself! Albeit, it might be easier to read the rest of this if you’re interested in other ways and the pros/cons of the other ways.

    There are many hairloss solutions out there, but how many actually work? For those stressing out over thinning hair, I’ll help you out. Out of all the junk out there, topical products with Minoxidil or Ketoconazole are the most effective – in that order. Finderstine – the generic “hair growth pill”, is also effective. So what’re you going to try first? I recommend this, since it is the safest, easiest, and cheapest solution.

    Note: All hairloss treatments will make the “dying hairs” fall out/shed. So basically, if you begin to shed – congratulations, it’s working. Stopping any hairloss treatment means you will lose ALL your regrown hairs. Unless, of course, you got a hair transplant/hair plugs/etc. Also, all these work way better for women then it does men. Mostly because life is unfair! Just kidding, mostly due to hormonal reasons. DHT – a supposed form of testosterone is POSSIBLY the cause, which women don’t really need from the start/have much of.

    Minoxidil: To your body, it’s a toxin. As such, your body WILL build up a tolerance to it later on in life as you continue to use it. Chances are, your hair will grow back, but you will stop gaining hair and just keep whatever you grown. So basically, start using Minoxidil as soon as you KNOW you’re losing your hair if you’re a man. Will it work for everyone? No. But it will work for most. Side effects may include an itchy scalp or greasy hair if the product’s quality is cruddy, but the former side effect only applies to those with messed up scalps. Also, if you AREN’T going bald due to genetics (but from a disease or hormone levels gone crazy), then this stuff will mess you up if you used it for a while.

    Ketoconazole: It’s found in Revitra! It works faster than Minoxidil does, but sadly, doesn’t work as well. If you use it at the first sign of hairloss, again, your chances to have a decent baseline is way better. Ketoconazole has a wonderful “cosmetic effect”. Your hair will become thicker after use, and will slowly grow in diameter to cover more area up to a certain point. In addition to that, it will stimulate your thinning hair to become “healthy” again. Also, the shampoo will make your scalp hella healthy. If you have dandruff, this stuff will work wonders for you as well. Unlike Minoxidil, your hair won’t get messed up from using it if you’re not actually going “naturally” bald. If your hairloss is on the uglier side of things, combine Revitra with any Minoxidil topical. Use this first to be on the safe side.

    Finderstine: Basically, this will lower DHT levels. The only problem is, DHT’s function is to help MAINTAIN masculine attributes. . . In addition, your estrogen levels *may* rise. It takes your body half a year to adjust to the medication (only 1-3 months for results). It will take your body a year to adjust after you stop the treatment, and even then, it may not go fully back to normal. Toying with your hormones is no joke, nor do I think it’s worth it just for the sake of having hair on your head. The upside is that you won’t have to worry about prostate cancer, the downside is. . . Um, the hormonal change. Also, other possible side effects include (due to high estrogen/low testosterone): gaining fat easily, hard time building muscle, mood swings, erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is usually reversible, but in some rare cases, it is permanent. Again, playing with your hormones is no freaking joke.

    Other tips:
    1) Being healthy means your hair stays on your head longer. That’s why hairloss strikes the younger folks more so than it did a decade ago.

    2) Biotin, protein, and calcium is your friend! As are all other vitamins/nutritients. Zinc (15mg at least) is also necessary. . . However, Zinc should be take 1-2 hours after ingesting calcium since your body is stupid and would rather ignore out Zinc just so it can absorb…

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